• Joe Zhou | Palo Alto Networks

    Site Reliability Engineer

    “I’m very happy with the service. From the first call to actual placement, it was only a few weeks. They went way beyond an HR relationship. One of the best agencies you can get. They’ll be practical and give you the maximum value.”

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  • Chris Golden | Materialize

    Site Reliability Engineer

    “I’m building and working on the stuff I want to and getting paid for it. This role is an investment in my career growth. You have to be pushing and growing, or you’ll be irrelevant in the industry.”

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  • Martin Englund | Facebook

    Former Site Reliability Engineer

    “It was an excellent fit for what I was looking for, and I was well paid and had great benefits. A few weeks after my placement, [Harrison Clarke] called me personally to check-in and see how things were going, which I found impressive.”

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  • Tina Huang | Transposit

    CTO and Founder

    “We wanted someone to up-level our team and had a deep understanding. Yet, we also needed someone adaptable and willing to work without a lot of resources.”

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  • John Hayes | Ghost

    CEO and Founder

    “Firas is so energetic and dedicated to this space. He began delivering candidates right away.”

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  • Raz Glazer | Palo Alto Networks

    Former Senior Manager of SRE and Cloud Platforms

    “Having a product that’s operational for the cloud right away was the goal. The challenge in building an SRE team was timing, the process, and finding the right talent.”

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